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Almost all of people may lose concentration sometimes. You may plan to read a book today, but after reading several pages, you start to surf the Internet. Or when you work on your project, you may make mistakes because you lose focus.  

All of the situations above are quite usual, and you don’t need to worry a lot if you lose focus sometimes. But if there’s an urgent project, whose deadline is tomorrow, and you still can’t focus and just daydream with a bunch of work at hand, that may be an issue. Frequent absence of mind may bring make your life disordered. You can use the link below to check whether lack of concentration is a problem to you? And I will give some suggestions in my further post.



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When I started to playing the piano, I was five. And my parents told me that “If you truly want to take the piano lessons, you can’t give up!”  I didn’t realize what that was supposed to mean at that time. Like all the other children, I quickly lost my curiosity and interest after practicing basic skills day after day. But I still stick to it until now. Of course part of the reasons is that my parents push me so hard. And I’m so grateful they did that. But there’s more, which may  of some help when you consider giving up.

1. Think of the positive side. For me, after learning piano, I can play the songs I like (it feels totally different if you just listen that in you Ipod) and I love the feelings when I play a piece of music that I feel so connected. So think of the moments that make you happy when you meet the difficulty.

2. Think of the difference. Learning the piano gives me new vision of the music. I’m more sensitive to the music and notice more details than before.  So think of how does the thing you work on change your life and what have you learnt.

3. Sense of achievement. The thing that I get most praise is my piano skills (come on, everyone like the praise~~). And when I feel frustrated, I will always think of the praise and the award I’ve got. So do believe yourself that you’ll get through the difficulty. Think of “Pygmalion effect”, psychological suggestion plays a key role in success.

My guess is that few people stick to something without even considering giving up. But you can make it if you think the whole process in a positive way. And the results will never let you down!

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