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Believe in what you feel inside and give your dreams the wings to fly. You have everything you need, if you just Believe.                                 ~~Lyrics of “Believe” from “Polar Express”

Have you got a feeling that you have something in mind that you really wanna make it but you can’t after several trials. At least I’ve had this situation sometimes. And the interesting part is, this rarely happens before entering senior high school. Talking with my friends, they have the same thoughts.

Why things are much more difficult now? Here are three possible reasons.

  1. You care more about the result now. You’re afraid that the result disappoints you and hesitate to push yourself to have a try.
  2. You don’t judge yourself totally based on your own view, but partly based on others.
  3. You become more rational now. And you will no longer only focus on your strength, but also your weakness.

Based on these fact, here might be some useful tips.

  1. Think of the result. What might be the worst result? If I fail, can I try again? People tend to be afraid of things that they can’t predict. And sometimes we may exaggerate the reality. But keep in mind, you can never made it if you never try out!
  2. Ignore useless words from others. No one knows you better than yourself. Trust yourself and don’t distract by the mean judgement around you.
  3. Think about your successes before. Of course we all have weaknesses. But we still succeeded before with our weaknesses. So focus on your strength and think of what you can do.
  4. Don’t be afraid to lose. People who make greater success are those who experience more failure. Think about Lincoln. You still have the chance to win.

Just like the boy who finally believe in Santa in Polar Express, hope you can also find your ringing bell!


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You may delay, but time will not.  ~Benjamin Franklin

You might have the same situation as I did. I always thought: I don’t wanna be a procrastinator any more. I plan to start doing something tomorrow. And it ends in vain. So why don’t we start now?

Here are some  tips that I once tried out and thought useful!

1. Don’t always check your email and Facebook/Twitter. There has been a while that once I hear “ding”, I will rush to check my mailbox and Renren (similar to Facebook in China) no matter what I was doing. Now, I have fixed time to check my e-mails and be more focused.

2. Make plan. Write a list of things you need to do and prioritize these by importance and deadline. Don’t put the hardest job at last. Post you calendar at house or set alarms on your phone planner. Before you go to bed, check whether you finish all your task.

(image from Pottery Barn)

3. Keep adding things in your calendar but leave spare time/reward time also. Leave the enough time so that you are confident about the whole process instead of in a rush. Also reward yourself if you finish all of your work. But don’t reward yourself too much if you only finish one small piece of work!!

4. Also add things that interest you into the plan so that you won’t feel stressed all the time. Thinking about that, I haven’t practice my piano for  a couple of months. And now it is in my plan. What about you? Do you always have a dream you wanna realize? Start now and don’t say I’m too busy! It’s a long-term investment. Keep going!

Really hope these tips can do some help! And now I need to start my school homework.

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Do you always hand over your reports minutes before the deadline? Do you have a lot of housework that you should have done weeks before? Do you often try to find excuses to get out of duties? But later on, you will feel guilty that you haven’t finished the stuff on schedule?

According to the research, about 20 percent of people procrastinate regularly. And among students, the proportion is much higher, about 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate. They choose to hang out with friends, sleep rather than finishing the work on hand.

Are you one of them? You may like to click the link below to take the test by Psychology Today!


I’m not proud to say that, but the test result shows that I’m somewhat of a procrastinator. And now I try to beat my problem. If you have the same problem as I do, please take a look of my later post about the reasons and solutions of procrastination. Hope it will do some help!

Thank you!

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