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In your daily life and your social network, you build a lot of connections with people like your families, your friends, and your colleagues. And a healthy relationship is always based on mutual trust.

Here are some ways to gain someone’s trust:

  1. Be honest and sincere. Honesty plays an important role in any relationship. Once people find out that you lie to them, it’ll damage their impression of you and it’ll be hard to earn that back. You might make mistakes. Try to explain to others. You’ll be surprised to see that people are more tolerant than you think. Also be sincere to others. Say the words out of your heart instead of adulation. People may always want hear compliment. But they can tell the difference whether you truly mean that.
  2. Focus more on others. Do you have the situation that someone always talk about themselves and ignore others’ feeling? Actually it’s very easy to be like this. All people wanna to be the center. But if you act in this way when people turn to you for help and you just turn the topic on yourself, you’ll soon lose others’ trust. If you don’t know what to say, you just simply listen and see how people react and you’ll know what others need and what you should say to build connection with others.
  3. Never gossip behind people’s back. Sometimes you’ll find many good staff can’t offset the impact of one thing wrong. You might share a lot of good memories with someone. But when something awful happens, even all those good past can’t save the relationship. So never do it at the first place.  And one thing fits all is never gossip behind people’s back. If you think there’s something wrong, tell them. Focus on the thing rather than people. It’s easier for them to accept from you rather than hear your opinion from others. 

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